These are The Things You Wish You Knew Before You Got Married — Part 1

Anyone can be “The One” until proven otherwise. And just like fingerprints, no two marriages are alike, so rather than looking to books and magazines, it’s better to simply ask those who have lived and breathed it. “Till death do us part,” they said, but most of the time, reality isn’t that simple and love isn’t always there. By avoiding some common misconceptions and talking about the important things before even deciding to tie the knot, you can navigate your relationship more carefully and have a bigger chance in living happily ever after.


The most important thing besides getting to know your partner, is to understand yourself—who you are, what you want in life, and what you expect from your partner. Because sometimes you go into a relationship, hoping that your partner will change and be disappointed after finding out they don’t. The romantic phase of a new love, combined with hormones, can make you overlook the things that can break your relationship.


People often put so much effort into their wedding, but sadly not their marriage. To better prepare you for your lifelong journey, I asked my followers to share their Stories and here are the things they wish they knew before they got married.


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


To be continued in part 2!


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