The Things You Wish You Knew Before You Got Married — Part 2

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That's a wrap for our topic about The Things You Wish You Knew Before You Got Married


I've gotta get ready for my event later. But I'd like to remind you all, apalagi yang kebelet nikah muda. Reread my Stories and pikir matang-matang before you decide to get married, supaya lebih siap ketika masalah menghadang.


I've got the privilege to live with my boyfriend (and his mom and his brothers) for almost 8 months now, and honestly, kami berdua juga masih menimbang-nimbang, is this the person we'd like to spend the rest of our life with? Apakah yakin bisa menerima segala kekurangan dan keburukan habit masing-masing?


Kalau memang nggak bisa tinggal bareng sebelum menikah, coba traveling bareng agak lama dengan budget terbatas. See how compatible you are when it comes to dealing with problems.


Pacaran tuh jangan cuma ngomongin besok mau dinner di resto kece mana, mau nonton film apa, sama weekend mau foto-foto OOTD di mana doang. Talk about finances, sex, career plans, kids, family problems, unresolved childhood issues and past trauma, etc.


I hope you learn something valuable from this sharing session. Good luck and happy weekend!


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