These Financial Habits Will Slap You in Your Millennial Face

September 14, 2018

So I just read an interesting article by Avrist Solution, tentang hal-hal yang harus kita lakukan untuk mencapai financial freedom, and it makes me think.


Everybody wants to be financially stable, but unless you have a plan to get you there, it's not going to ever happen. I know dari kita banyak yang masih kuliah, baru mulai kerja, ataupun sudah di posisi middle management. Bebas dari utang cicilan barang-barang hedon aja udah bagus, but this time I encourage my followers to share their do's and don'ts of their financial habits.


And here are their Stories!


Part 1



Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5



Thank you so much for sharing your Stories, and thank you, Avrist Solution, for inspiring me to open up this discussion. Quoting the article, in order for us to reach financial freedom quicker, kita harus mulai:

  1. Beli asuransi, supaya pendapatan kita nggak habis bayarin perawatan kalau kita (amit-amit) jatuh sakit,

  2. Batasi utang konsumtif, termasuk utang kartu kredit,

  3. Investasi!


Masih ada 3 tips lagi though, you can read the rest here. Masih banyak artikel-artikel keren lainnya, khususnya tentang financial management, asuransi, dan lifestyle, yang pastinya relatable banget buat millennials kayak kita, supaya makin melek soal duit.


Yang jelas, lupain gengsi dan approval orang lain. And remember, don't go broke trying to look rich!


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