Breast Insecurities and How to Find The Right Bra

April 28, 2019

Telling people they are beautiful just the way they are is easy, making them believe they are is not. Women, especially, are constantly fed by the unrealistic beauty standards created by the media; Women are expected to look a certain way to be considered attractive: We need to have smooth and fair skin, long, straight, silky hair, an hourglass figure with big breasts, a flat stomach, and long legs.


Unlike Barbie, my breasts are pretty much nonexistent and I spent my high school years being insecure about myself because of that. Finding the right bra was tiring for me, because most of the available ones make me feel bad about my own size. They made me feel inadequate as if my worth as a person depended on my bra size.


A few days ago I discussed this whole breast insecurities turns out, my followers also feel my pain, even though they come with various breast sizes. Some of the big-breasted ones become so insecure about their sizes because their sizes aren’t available in the market. Some feel their breasts are saggy and they buy wired, push-up bras that are actually hurting them. Some feel bad about themselves because their breasts are asymmetrical, or because their breasts aren’t big enough.


I, too, hated how my breasts look that I kept going for push-ups, even double push-ups when it comes to choosing a bra. I thought it would make me feel better, more confident about my own size, but it didn’t, because I couldn’t find the right size. If the band fit, the cups didn’t; If the cups fit, the band kept riding up; Not to mention the wires that kept poking the sides of my breasts.




The thing is, the only way for us to be happy and comfortable with ourselves is to accept the fact that we’re all born uniquely different, as shown in the images above. There are 9 types of breasts and they’re all normal. The problem with the available bras in the market, they make us think there’s something wrong with us, where in fact it’s only a matter of finding the right bra that fits perfectly and comfortably.



When we feel good and comfortable, we feel more confident about ourselves. Never have I thought that I'd find a bra that would make me look good, that's not a push-up bra. That’s why I got so excited when I found UNIQLO Wireless Bra. At first I didn't believe that a wireless bra could make me feel so comfortable, but after trying it out, it quickly erased my doubts. It has no wires, yet provides enough support for my breasts. The material is so soft and comfortable, and they come in several types of bra: Wireless Bra Beauty Light, Wireless Bra Multi-Way, and Wireless Bra Relax.


My favorite one is Wireless Bra Beauty Light with the new cup structure that supports and lifts my little girls just fine. The cups adjust to fit into various sizes (from size 30 to 38, from cup ABC to DEF), you can also adjust the straps to support your breasts better. I was actually surprised because I’d never tried any wireless bra like this before and I’m not even exaggerating. Don't take my word for it, find the nearest UNIQLO store in your city, and try it for yourself and let me know how you feel!




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