Also STD and Contraception

Why is it important for parents to teach kids about sex? And how? Why do we need to practice safe sex? How do we protect ourselves from STD and avoid unplanned pregnancy?

Abortion and Women's Reproductive Rights

Stories from people who have had an abortion. What to do with an unplanned pregnancy. And the importance of a proper sex education.

Do you want to have a kid (or more)? And why?

Some parents demand their children to take care of them when they're old. Some of them even burden their children with the responsibility of taking care of their younger sibling(s) because they simply can't afford it anymore.

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28 Apr 2019

Telling people they are beautiful just the way they are is easy, making them believe they are is not. Women, especially, are constantly fed by the unrealistic beauty...

29 Jan 2019

Usually the things you choose to ignore in the beginning of the relationship will be the reasons why it ends. And never, ever...

28 Dec 2018

August 6th, 2011, when I got the call that forever changed my life. I'd lost my boyfriend in a motorcycle crash while on a...

5 Dec 2018

Two days ago I shared about my terrible money management on my Stories. Whatever I confessed was true. I got...

15 Nov 2018

Mine would be "If he loves you, you will know. If he doesn't, you will be confused."

4 Oct 2018

Physical attraction indeed opens the door and brings two people together, but personality compatibility, similar lifestyle, and shared values and goals keep them around. Physical attraction is what makes the difference between a friendship and a love affair.

27 Sep 2018

Relationships don’t just happen. It's not always romantic. It could only last as long as two people make a choice to work for it, to constantly fight for one...

14 Sep 2018

Everybody wants to be financially stable, but unless you have a plan to get you there, it's not going to ever happen. I know dari kita...

9 Sep 2018

First anniversary Q&A session with Lius!

I asked my followers if they think size matters when it comes to sex, and these are their responses.

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